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Add light and dimension to your needlework creations with DMC Light Effects Thread. DMC now offers an innovative line called Mouline Effet Lumiere, also known as Light Effects, light reflecting threads in a collection of 36 orignal colours. Brighten your needleworks: Now there are even more special touches and brilliant sensations to bring life and texture to your creations. Light Effects, with DMC quality: A 6-strand thread that can be stitched like DMC Stranded Cotton. (use the same number of strands) Easy to use and gives great results. Perfect coverage of your DMC fabrics. A rich range of various light effects: 36 colours including gems, golden, iridescent or vintage shades, fluorescent and even glow-in-the-dark! Discover the 6 families of Light Effects colours, and new creative themes...

DMC Mouline Effet Lumiere

  • DMC
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