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Overview The MAGnificent Lamp is ideal for all types of detailed work. This lamp is cleverly designed to be used as both a floor lamp (with 2 different height options) as well as a table lamp. The Daylight? LEDs provide high contrast and accurate colour matching, making it easier and less tiring to read, work and see detail clearly. LEDs use very little energy. The large, semi-rimless 1.75X magnifying lens allows uninterrupted viewing of close up work. Key Features ? Ideal for all types of detailed work ? Height adjustable, can be used as a floor or table lamp ? Lamp brightness: 1,850 Lux at 15cm (6") ? Large 14.6cm (5?") semi-rimless lens, 1.75X magnification for clear viewing of close up work ? Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it ? Maximum height: Floor Lamp 125cm (50") and Table Lamp 50cm (20") ? Daylight? LEDs provide true colour matching

Daylight D25050 Magnificent Floor & Table LED Magnifying Lamp

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