The embroideries in this beautifully illustrated work were inspired by the illuminated Book of Hours. Long fascinated by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval era, Jane Nicholas has sought examples in museums and galleries across Europe. The embroideries in this beautifully illustrated work were inspired in particular by the decorative panels and borders in the illuminated Book of Hours created by Jean Bourdichon for Anne of Brittany, early in the sixteenth century. Jane has chosen eight flowers from myriad possibilities and interprepted them here in stumpwork embroidery. Five are worked as botanical specimens, their Latin names stitched below them. The other three, equally botanically correct, are presented as illuminated panels with richly coloured borders embellished with gold thread and beads. Each piece includes a 'surprise' in the form of an insect (or two), faithfully interpreted in fabric, wire, beads and thread. The requirements and instructions for each project are given indetail, along with a tracing patterns and explanatory diagrams. Highly acclaimed international author and embroiderer Unsurpassed research, skills and instructions Precise botanical embroidered recreations Wonderful images of newly created and rare historical pieces A huge volume of information, presented in a professional format and style which will make this incredible embroidery accessible to all embroiderers

Stumpwork Medieval Flora

  • Jane Nicholas