More inspiring stumpwork. In this irresistible book, Jane dissects the beautiful dragonfly with fascinating results. Carefully exploiting the link between anatomy and stitching, this magnificent work provides further inspiration for stumpworkers worldwide. The elegant form, fragile iridescent wings, mystical bead-like eyes and shimmering colours of the dragonfly have fascinated needleworkers for centuries. Jane Nicholas takes a close look at the anatomy of dragonflies and damselflies and their representation in natural history. She combines those observations with designs form as far back as the sixteenth-century and from throughout the world and then uses a variety of materials and techniques to build works of mesmerising beauty. Jane shares new ways of using unusual materials to interpret and create your own dragonfly designs. The projects - including a remarkable collection of nine creatures in a 'specimen box' - not only set off the dragonflies exquisitely, but they exemplify Jane's impeccable eye for detail and composition. This stunning book - fascinating for anyone interested in textured embroidery is a pure delight to read.

Stumpwork Dragonflies

  • Jane Nicholas