Long life from LED bulbs Lights and integral additional lenses rotate through 180?X With bracket for standing or hanging light Additional lens with 8x magnification The magnifying glass with bracket from Prym is a great help in very small and fine work, such as embroidery, in all craft work, philately or for reading small print. The small additional lens with an 8x magnification means that the smallest details are easily visible. The peculiarity of this illuminated magnifying glass is its flexibility, because due to its bracket and 180?X rotating light, the work table can be optimally illuminated. The bracket can be hung around you, but also provides a firm footing on the table. The modern LED bulbs make the magnifying glass an even more attractive purchase. The 4 x 1.5 V batteries LR 6 AA are not included. There is an adapter socket for a power supply (max. 3 volts).

Prym PR610380 Universal magnifying glass LED

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