The complicated form shows it, but is easily prepared as I only tie the cloth of the square without using the sewing machine. I use it as a pincushion and am available as an ornament through a ring pillow and ribbon. ??Kit contents: Cosmo 25th embroidery thread (100-percent-cotton), embroidery cloth 3900 Java cross 55 (100-percent-cotton), an embroidery needle (steel), cotton (100% of polyester), beads (urea resin), the how to make manual with the design. ??A country of origin: Japan (Made in JAPAN.) ??The thing which has you prepare separately: Scissors, iron, sewing thread, Embroidery frame(it can sting the one that I used neatly). ??The number of the embroidery texture: 14 counts (approximately 14 per 1 inch of ?? 2.56cm, approximately 55 per 10cm) ??A stitch: I take three cross-stitching, and two back stitches take collecting and three.


Octagonal Pincushion, 8 x 8 x 3cm

LECIEN 3723 Octagonal Pincushion: Flowers