For temporary placement and maintenance of needles.
The "needle and needle" catches the needle with the force of a magnet. This is convenient when you want to temporarily remove your hand from the needle (temporary placement) during needlework.
To use the needles and needles, place the needle and the waiting needle with the magnet side facing up. The cream part is brushed with needles.
To use the needle brush, slowly insert the tip of the needle into the cushion part in the center. ② Hold the upper and lower resin parts with your fingers and pinch the needle. ③ Pull out the needle.
When you want to polish the needle shaft, pull out the needle tip and reciprocate the needle several times.
One needle and one brushed needle
Body size (diameter 36 mm, height 20 mm)

*One side has a magnet.
*Stainless steel products may not be attached to the magnet.
*This product is not a pin cushion.

Material: ・Resin part: ABS resin ・Magnet: Rare earth magnet ・Cushion interior: Nylon (with abrasive grains), polyethylene foam ・Cushion cover: Cotton
Country of origin: Japan
Package size: 60×120×23mm
Product Number: 23-056

Clover CL/23-055 Needle Sharpener with Magnet (Pink)

  • Clover

  • 60x120x23mm