Lesley Wilkins shares her passion for blackwork embroidery and shows how to produce traditional motifs, borders, patterns and full band samplers using simple stitches that are explained by step by step photography. Charts are provided. Lesley Wilkins shows how to create traditional blackwork embroideries using simple stitches on evenweave fabric. Step by step photographs and a wealth of charts illustrate how traditional motifs, patterns and borders can be combined to create stunning designs. Lesley then goes on to show how to create band samplers inspired by those on which sixteenth century embroiderers collected their favourite designs, including figures, flowers, plants, birds and animals. Lesley Wilkins combines a deep knowledge of and appreciation for historical embroideries with her own flair for design and practical teaching skill. This book contains all you need to know to produce beautiful embroideries inspired by history.

Blackwork Made Easy

  • Lesley Wilkins