A pack, a color atmosphere!

5 threads Au Ver A Silk of different textures:

- Silk of Algiers: assembly of 7 strands of moderate brilliance easily separable, made with silk schappe (combed silk).
Use as a conventional wire in all needlework in 1 or more strands.

- Beaded silk: assembly of 3 twisted strands of intense brilliance, made with Pure Silk. Use in traditional embroidery, hardanger and even miniature croquet.

- Braided Metallic 4: Soft and resistant braid for all needlework.

- Surfine silk: assembly of 2 strands of moderate brilliance, made from silk schappe (combed silk).
Perfect for miniature embroidery and lace.

- Oval silk: "flat" thread, slightly twisted with a moderate shine, made with Pure Silk.

Au Ver A Soir Pack Decouverte OVALE/SURFINE