Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced stitcher, it??s possible to make something wonderful?Xand have a whole lot of fun?Xin just 30 minutes of sewing. Included are 60 lovely projects that will inspire you to create unique last minute gifts, beautify everyday items for use around the house and recycle the ??worn out?? into wonderful! Sewing is a simple solution for making the most of what you have on-hand and creating something special in little or no time at all. The patterns in this book are designed to get you sewing quickly and easily with simple projects that can be completed in 30-minute sessions. Also included are the most essential tips and techniques to insure a successful sewing experience. You??ll learn the basics of pattern layout and cutting, how to decipher pattern language and instructions, commonly used finishing and hand-sewing techniques, proper use and maintenance of sewing equipment, as well as how to troubleshoot the most common sewing machine problems. Beginners will build sewing skills from the start and will gain confidence as their experience broadens with each project. More knowledgeable readers are sure to find plenty of ideas to inspire and expand their interest in the craft. 30 Minute Sewing is the perfect fit for any schedule or sewing ability. You??re never too busy to sew something inspired. ? 60 projects to stitch in 30 minutes or less ? Perfect for beginners or anyone trying out new sewing and crafting skills ? Cute, gifty items to make and give

30 Minute Sewing

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