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A comprehensive guide to this raised embroidery technique, featuring all the stitches and techniques..

HKD 193.00

A must-have for all embroiderers. Following the enormous success of her recent stumpwork embroide..

HKD 490.00

In her first two Doodle Stitching books, Aimee Ray proved that doodling isn't just for paper anymore..

HKD 149.00

Gary Clarke has mastered Organza work with fabulous style and ease. This title features approximatel..

HKD 297.00

Taking Flight (Birds And Butterflies To Embroider) 13 gorgeous projects to stitch now! A cheeky bi..

HKD 146.00

This irresistible step-by-step project book is all about making little flowers in silk and organza r..

HKD 193.00

A comprehensive, expert guide to stumpwork embroidery, written by a graduate apprentice of the Royal..

HKD 164.00

The research and embroidery involved in creating the designs for this book has been a joy for Jane N..

HKD 446.00

More inspiring stumpwork. In this irresistible book, Jane dissects the beautiful dragonfly with fasc..

HKD 357.00

Stumpwork Embroidery Butterflies and Moths is the third in a series of books by Jane Nicholas featur..

HKD 372.00

This book offers a modern perspective on the floral motifs that have been a stumpwork mainstay for c..

HKD 193.00

The embroideries in this beautifully illustrated work were inspired by the illuminated Book of Hours..

HKD 372.00

Description25 years in the making, 250+ designers showcased, 900+ projects published, hundreds of st..

HKD 146.00

Find detailed instructions, diagrams and close-up images to assist you with stitching and constructi..

HKD 146.00

Discover a whole new world of beading… Who can resist the alluring sparkle and infinite palette of ..

HKD 146.00

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We enjoy doing needlework.  This enjoyment begins at the moment we start drawing up our design, choosing the right materials and sourcing the appropriate tools.  Be it knitting, crocheting, felting, quilting, dress making, embroidery or any other kinds of needlecraft, we don't want to spoil our work and waste our time and effort by using low quality materials or inappropriate tools.  We want our piece to come out not only nice but durable and safe.

We source our products from reliable suppliers throughout the world and sell at a reasonable price.  For every needlework lover to produce their best piece, we believe that the quality of material counts as much as your craftsmanship. 

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