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Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced stitcher, it’s possible to make something won..

HKD 149.00

A fabulous, fun, quilt, cushion and 3 soft toys to appliqué and embroider. Stitch this cute and colo..

HKD 297.00

A comprehensive guide to this raised embroidery technique, featuring all the stitches and techniques..

HKD 193.00

How big is a twin-size quilt? How many squares can you cut from the amount of fabric you have? What’..

HKD 179.00

Appliqué lovers, you’ll want to make all 12 of these endearing blocks featuring robins, cardinals, o..

HKD 179.00

Decorate your bedroom with a truly custom look from bed quilt to embellished linens and personalized..

HKD 268.00

Beginner-Friendly Quilts compiles the best of Fons & Porter's Quilty magazine, which is devoted ..

HKD 193.00

4 Holiday Quilts • Easy Fusible Appliqué Quilters will savor the beauty of spring, summer, autumn, a..

HKD 179.00

Keeping to a theme started in Crewel Twists, this book continues the concept of using non-traditiona..

HKD 248.00

Delicious Embroidery is the coming together of mother and daughter and east meets west. The common d..

HKD 298.00

Happy holiday doodles! This cheery installment in the popular Doodle Stitching series by powerhouse ..

HKD 203.00

Debbie Shore has created 31 beautiful home accessories that are easy to make using half a yard of fa..

HKD 149.00

Essential techniques for creating beautiful embroidery, plus helpful tips and information on reading..

HKD 253.00

This irresistible step-by-step project book is all about making little flowers in silk and organza r..

HKD 193.00

Get patching with these cheerful sewing creations! Patchwork sewing is a wonderful pastime and these..

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We enjoy doing needlework.  This enjoyment begins at the moment we start drawing up our design, choosing the right materials and sourcing the appropriate tools.  Be it knitting, crocheting, felting, quilting, dress making, embroidery or any other kinds of needlecraft, we don't want to spoil our work and waste our time and effort by using low quality materials or inappropriate tools.  We want our piece to come out not only nice but durable and safe.

We source our products from reliable suppliers throughout the world and sell at a reasonable price.  For every needlework lover to produce their best piece, we believe that the quality of material counts as much as your craftsmanship. 

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and will be happy to hear your opinion.

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