Inspirations Issue #101

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Tags: crewel embroidery, counted work, stumpwork, threadpainting, beading and timeless surface embroidery


All of the projects featured in issue 101 were taught at our international needlework convention, Beating Around the Bush, by talented designers from Australia and around the world.

The range of techniques showcased includes crewel embroidery, counted work, stumpwork, threadpainting, beading and timeless surface embroidery. There are eight class projects to enjoy.

Featured Projects

'Inspirations Issue 101' features the following projects:

  • Summer Days by Jo Butcher
    Delightful garden in full bloom with busy bees flying to and from their wooden hive
  • Les Amaryllis by Catherine Laurençon
    Beautiful threadpainted study of a stately amaryllis
  • Sollerösöm by Christine P. Bishop
    Pretty pincushion and pouch worked in a Swedish counted technique
  • Primavera by Nicola Jarvis
    A noble little bird in a pear tree embellished with beads, silk and metal threads
  • Jacobean Stag by Phillipa Turnbull
    Elegant crewel panel featuring a splendid stag overlooking leafy hillocks
  • Triple Treat by Hazel Blomkamp
    Sparkling brooches created with three-dimensional beaded flowers and leaves
  • Fine Feathers by Anna Scott
    A lyrebird displays his tail in an enchanting stumpwork scene from an Australian rainforest
  • Amelie by Gail Doane
    Gorgeous baby outfit with embroidery adorning the white jacket and turquoise blouse collar

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